i will always be waiting

tonight, i feel…

i have a few overwhelming emotions taking control of me…i am fighting in desperation to overcome.

the first is disappointment.  in myself, really for actually believing that things would happen tonight…when there is a pattern of inconsideration with this person.

the second is anger.  am i not worth anyone’s time?  really…

the third is regret.  i wish i would have gone to the Hot Springs instead of staying home, stupidly thinking that these plans would happen.
the fourth is sadness.  but not for him.  for someone else.

someone whom i am harboring feelings for, and trying to release…yet i have lyrics from “HIM” in my head:

“Your love is the only thing I live for in this world
Oh how I wait for the day your heart burns
In these heavenly flames I’ve already scorched in
I just want you to know I’ll always be waiting”


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