the quest for balance continues…

in my ever growing effort to find and achieve  balance in my life, i have recently been to have a ct scan of my brain and my abdomen, in an effort to become more healthy and take better care of myself.

i’ve suffered really awful migraines for the better part of the last 3 years…they don’t really happen often, but when they do, they knock me out for days.

i also have a history of kidney stones, and have within the last year, started to experience sharp, stabbing pains in the lower right side during sex.  again, its not constant, but its happening more and more frequently, and starting to cause me concern.
today i had my follow up with my primary care doctor, who is amazing, and she is sending me to a urologist to go over my results and follow up…apparently, i have a 4 millimeter kidney stone (anything 4mm and above usually don’t pass on their own) and some kind of mass or blockage that is 13 mm. (i don’t remember if doc said if it was a kidney stone or not.)  that’s huge.

i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t a little bit concerned…i’m trying to remain calm and not worry or stress out, because I’m going to get some answers tonight when i go see this specialist…so, i’m chilling for a couple hours watching “the crazies.”
btw, as far as my brain goes, with the migraines, they didn’t find anything…so i’m sure its like morgan has said and its stress related.  i’m going to start trying to meditate nightly, and find other ways of dealing with stress.  we may do some more follow up tests to confirm that there’s nothing else going on in side my head…i have to say that the report is b.s. because they said my brain is “unremarkable”…i’ve always thought i have a quite remarkable brain.   😉


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