melancholy and the infinite sadness…

i am sad to announce that i am feeling just a little melancholy today…slightly pessimistic…and just down in general.
i have, however, been productive the last two days in the fact that i’ve scheduled my appointment for my laser procedure next week, set up the dates/times to finish my class session (now I just have to tell the girls), and have moved desks and changed shifts at work.

my procedure is on friday.  i’m hoping that this one will alleviate some of  the damn pain i’ve been in…and i’m hoping that it will be effective enough that i won’t have to have the major surgery later on down the road…but there’s a pretty good chance that i will end up needing to do that.

i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

i’m reading “eat pray love” for the billionth time, because i feel like i’m on another quest for spirituality…

i’m loving without limits…with complete abandon, and with acceptance for the situation, and going with the flow…and enjoying some new things…

i’m trying to live well.  trying to eat better.  starting a very slow, gentle yoga practice (thank you Marissa) to get back into the “flow.”  🙂

this afternoon, I plan to shower, braid my hair, and then go look for a nice, long “hippie like” white shirt.  I don’t wear enough white…

thanks for listening.



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