I want to bone a duck and boil a live lobster

I do.  I want to bone a duck, and boil a live lobster.  I’ve been watching “Julie & Julia” a lot lately.  I love the story.  People accomplishing their dreams…overcoming difficulties…being fearless…it makes me want to cook!  But it also makes me want to figure out what the hell I’m doing with my life.

I can’t help but feel a little lost sometimes.  Here I am, 30 years old, almost 31 for crying outloud, and I don’t really know what I’m good at, or what I’m going to do with my life.  I’m learning…I’m a decent dancer, but I could definitely use practice.  I’m a good teacher.   My feedback from the Intensive proved that.  Everything was marked “good” or “excellent.”  🙂

I’m also a good baker.  I bake delicious brownies and cookies, and make a lovely (if not just a little lopsided) cake and homemade frosting for the FIRST time today!

My GrinGran would be proud of me, I think…for the frosting anyway.

The other thing that I’m always so inspired about is blogging and writing when I watch this movie.  I’d love for one day to know that people read this…even if its only a handful.

I want to work on my memoires…I started over a year ago…I was writing a book, and I just stopped.  I need to start working on it again.

Oh that I could find a publisher to give me an advance…then i’d have something to work towards.  Anyway, I’d have the means to focus on it.  But, I shouldn’t let that stop me.  I’m a good writer.  I just have to focus.

So…perhaps over the next week, I will set up a schedule for myself.  Dance practice every day, and then time to write and work on my memoires.  Hm.
Dinner is almost ready, and friends will be over soon for Becca’s birthday.  I’m going to relax for a little while before people get here, and I am hoping to have a lovely night in.  Class tomorrow, and then visiting with Brooke for a little while before she moves back to Seattle.  Then, Harry Potter with Morgan, and who knows what the rest of the night will hold for me.  Maybe game night…maybe Disney movie night…maybe I’ll sit my ass at home and work on my memoires. 😉


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