I have had the MOST amazing day.

There is SO much to say…first of all…lets start with…

I woke up with the WORST cramps of my LIFE!  Well…maybe not, but they were pretty intense this morning, and they were threatening to ruin my mood.  But I got up and showered, and felt a little bit better, and then I took an Excedrin Menstrual, which was wonderful…it felt good to NOT be taking a freaking percocet for my pain.

So…I got dressed in my comfy clothes for the doctor’s office, drove over to Dr. Newman’s office and picked up my records, and then headed over to meet Dr. Kurtz for a second opinion.

I liked him!  He was so nice.  He told me that the invasive surgery that Dr. Newman was talking about was 100% not necessary.  He did tell me that I DO need to fix the defect with my ureter, as if I leave it alone, I could lose kidney function, but right now, they’re functioning just fine.

He said that he as a colleague who does laparoscopic surgery, and has set me up with an appointment with him.  He’s also going to be sending me for a few more tests, one of which Dr. Newman never did. (I get to pee in a jug for 24 hours. lol!)

So after that, I went for a Tarot reading.  I’m not going to go into specifics here, because I feel that this was my gift that I was given.  I know some of you are interested, and so to you, I will send a private message about the experience.  Suffice it to say, that I WILL be going back to see her again.

And then…the hard stuff that I was worried about.  I went to see a bankruptcy lawyer today.  The only way that I’m ever going to move on, and get my own place, and become an actual grown up is to get rid of my debt.  So…I’m filing for bankruptcy.  The lawyer is amazing, and super nice, and assured me that it will be a painless process, and all my credit card debt AND MEDICAL BILLS will be taken care of.   Too bad I can’t put my upcoming surgery on it, eh?  😉  Thats ok though, because when I do have my laparoscopic surgery, I’ll be in a better place financially and will be able to pay my part of the fees easier.

So my friends…hopefully, this will mark the beginning of a journey:  remember the confident woman I wrote about in my first blog entry here?  She’s resurfaced…my roommate Pat hugged me tonight, and said “this is the  Mina that I miss.”  Morgan told me tonight that he’s proud of me.  Goldy said that she’s excited to see me so excited and full of courage and hope…and I’m excited to feel this way.

It feels amazing to have your gut, your heart AND your head all in line with what you need to be doing to improve your life.  I know that I’m on the right track.  and I’m AMAZED at how wonderful life really can be.


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