power of positive thinking…

I had a lovely visit with Debra. I ♥ you girl!! It makes me feel so happy that what I’ve envisioned for my apartment is happening: its becoming a sanctuary for me, and a comfortable space for others. I can provide the love and support that I have to offer to others in this space, and then when they leave, I can provide it to myself…I am loving 2011.

I had a couple passing moments of negativity earlier today, but I’ve let them go. I think part of it is just because I’m loopy from the drugs today, and I’m also premenstrual, but I didn’t dwell like I always do. I’m too content to allow small things to ruin my feeling.

I’m really loving this feeling.  So now I have to share my really great news with you all:

This starts with a preface:  About a month and a half ago, I went to a Tarot reader.  (those of you who want to say bad or demeaning things about Tarot and Astrology, please save it.  These are things that are a part of my life, that I find comfort and guidance in.  Thank you for respecting my beliefs.)  Among other things, when we were talking about my health, she had told me that kidney problems usually stem from bottled up feelings of anger, resentment, hurt, and so on, and she gave me an assignment to write down all of the feelings of those types that I could dig up from the time I was 7.  (a number that was repeated several times during the reading.)  She then told me on the Solstice to burn the paper, and to bury all of those negative emotions in the earth.  She said that if I did this, and if I truly let go, that my recovery would be much faster, and in fact, that when they did the surgery they would find out that it “was not as bad as they originally thought.”

So I did.

And as many of you who follow me on facebook have noticed, minus a brief rough patch yesterday, I’ve been doing fairly well at maintaining a positive outlook, and not dwelling on negativity.

So I had my first procedure today, before the laparoscopic procedure.

After the procedure, which took 30 minutes, and I was only in recovery for 1 hour…Dr. Lesani came back to talk to me.  He showed me pictures of my ureter, and said that while it is narrow, it is still very open, and he sees no reason to rush into the other surgery.  He said:  “ITS NOT AS BAD AS WE HAD ORIGINALLY THOUGHT.”

I cried.

Thank you Universe.  and more so…thank you Strong Mina…the one who’s been showing her face more and more lately.  Thanks, self…for allowing her to show you how strong you really can be.  Thanks self, for having the determination to stay positive and to get healthy.

I’m exhausted, its been a rather long day.  I promise to be gentler with myself tomorrow, no carrying boxes or anything heavy.  I am going to unpack a little more though. 🙂  I have a party to get ready for next weekend! lol.

I want to take this opportunity to say another thank you to ALL of my friends.  You all have shown me such tremendous support…I thank you for your encouragement yesterday, telling me that I’m strong enough to get through the negativity…for all of your well wishes, prayers and positive thoughts for today…at the risk of sounding like an uber religious nut (like I used to be!)…I thank god (or goddess, or the universe…I haven’t really made my mind up on that yet) for each of you…I am so unbelievably blessed to have each of you in my life…and i hope you know that I think of you often, and send each of you love.  I am always available to help in whatever capacity I can…

much love and light…




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