2 weeks and 4 days

that is when i will be having my surgery.
this is a good thing.

i went in to my urologist’s office today to have my stent removed, and dr. lesani said that we aren’t taking it out.

he told me that he presented my case to 2 of his colleagues, as i am kind of a special case. (i’ve always thought so!) he said that they agree that if he removed the stent today and sent me for a renal scan in 3 months, that we would just continue to see the blockage.  they all agree that i should just have the defect corrected as soon as possible to avoid losing kidney function.

so.  on february 7, at 10:00am, i will be at summerlin hospital for my laporoscopic/robotic surgery.  i’ll be in overnight, and i’ll be out of work for a week.  that’s going to be fun to set up…i have to talk to my boss tomorrow to figure out how i’m going to work this…i’d really rather not use vacation time for surgery, but i need to get paid…short term disability doesn’t pay the full amount i’d get for working…so…hooray.
i’m feeling good, but overwhelmed.  i’m really glad that i’m going to be getting this taken care of, but a little nervous.  i’m very confident in dr. lesani.

so…the step in getting me healthy is taking a little longer than i’d hoped, but…at least after this is over and i’ve recovered, i can get on with my life.

this is a good thing.

*deep breath*

i need chocolate.


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