another weekend bites the dust

Why, but WHY do weekends go by SO damn fast?

Seriously…This weekend has been an absolute BLUR for me…and I’m exhausted!

Friday night was such a blast…I got to chill with my good friends David and Virginie…we had awesome Thai food, watched some FUNNY stuff (Little Britain and Svettlana anyone?) and drank great vodka and scotch!

Friday night, I didn’t sleep super well, but I got up at 6:30 to watch Fulham play Aston Villa with David and Vivienne over an awesome breakfast.  Good game…could have been a bit more exciting, but it was fun to have football day again. 🙂

then I came home and tried to lay down for a bit…went grocery shopping with Morgan, and watched “the Tudors” while we cooked.  Took a short little nap, and then got ready for GPS’ black belt ceremony last night.

The vibe at 3 toms was back to normal…not my favorite place to be, but I got to spend good quality time with my AWESOME SAUCE friends. Had some really good girl talk, and just got to hang out…but…not sleeping well the night before, and then not getting home till after 4:00AM this morning makes for a LONG night.  😉

This morning, we had a good rehearsal.  Things are coming together quite nicely for my girls’ performance at the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive.  I’m excited.

Then, Morgan and I chilled for a bit today…we went for our cheat meal at Chili’s and I had to send my food back…I don’t remember their chicken fingers being so bad!  Our server said that it was the second one today to get sent back, so I’m glad it wasn’t just me…but still…kinda sucked, because I’ve been craving chicken fingers this week.

So…that’s the weekend.  I had some fears disproved last night…namely the one that plagues me sometimes about people not really liking me, but rather, just simply putting up with me because I’m Morgan’s friend and submissive… I got lots of love from good friends last night, which makes me feel stupid for feeling the way I do sometimes…I know that I’m loved…but sometimes, it just feels like I’m last on everyone’s list…like I’m invited to things as an afterthought, or just not invited at all…last night helped to pull me out of that funk a little…my mind is still reeling on other things…occurrences last night, conversations from the last few days…decisions to make, and negativity to battle…I feel I’m making a tiny bit of progress in my quest for balance.  Some days are better than others…some days much worse.

Some days, I want to cry for no reason…and most of the time that I feel that way, I do…much to the dismay of my best friend.  It sucks, because I feel like I’m crying all of the time…Crying helps me to release the negativity I hold inside though…things I don’t want to speak out loud, because they’ve been said, or nothings going to change, or I just don’t want to sound stupid…or just a release of the frustration of my situation…

oh well.

this has turned into a bit of a rambly blog…note to self…don’t blog when exhausted.

i’m off to watch a movie.



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