Relationships and other things…

This weekend for me, has given me cause for reflection again. 

Not bad reflection, by any means, but reflection nonetheless about relationships.  Specifically, my relationships.  Friendships and otherwise. 

I had a really lovely weekend.  This week was a little emotional for me, for many reasons which I do not wish to discuss…lets just say there were some minor disappointments, and low points…and moments of me acting like a child.  I’m feeling much better now. 🙂

I’ve been reflecting on the relationships that i have with my friends, and the very many levels of friendship that I have, because there are many.

I have a fairly large circle of “friends.”  One look at my facebook page will show you that.  I have 434 at last count…and the funniest part of this is…the vast majority of these people are people that I’ve met at LEAST once.  Yes, there are a few dance friends on this page that I haven’t actually met in person yet, but we’ve maintained an online relationship for quite some time. 

But, when I’m REALLY down, or when I’m in need…there are only a handful of people that I’m really willing to reach out to.  I can think of them all right now, and I can count them on 2 hands, with a couple extra fingers left over. 

Its not that these people are necessarily any “better” than my other friends…but each of these individuals maintains a 2 way relationship with me, and it never really feels one sided…(whether the one sided is them or me)

Its this small group of people that I consider to be my group of “Best Friends.”  That’s not a term that I like to throw around loosely, however I do not believe that one person can have only ONE best friend.  These besties each know and support me in ways that some of the others do not or cannot…making a pretty damn amazing group. 

The best part is…(with the exception of 2, who have not met the others due to distance) all of my besties get along with each other, therefor making my circle even better. 

I have friends who give it to me straight, who don’t sugar coat anything…who don’t spare my feelings when I’m being stupid.  I have friends who sometimes will just listen, sit with me and keep me company when I’m feeling sad.  I have friends who help me move, and help me decorate, and help me keep my home full of happiness, positivity and good energy.  I have friends that can be relentless about getting me out of the house when I’m depressed, because they KNOW that I will feel better when I get out.  I have friends that I’ve been able to help with their kids, and moving, and dancing, and listening to problems, I have friends that I’ve been able to help by picking their drunk asses up at 2, 3 in the morning, and making Robertos runs, and bringing them home for a good night’s sleep and hangover food the next day.  I have friends that I’ve been able to help simply by listening.  I have friends who know absolutely every single thing about me, with no secrets, who know me better than I know myself sometimes (not always though!) who look out for me, and who love me no matter what.

I love that my friends and I have this circle of giving and receiving that is beneficial to us all.  I love that I am able to give support and love and help when they are in need, and that they are always so willing to return it to me as well.

These relationships are so fulfilling to me…I hope that I can be as good a friend to these people as they are to me. 

I suppose I was just feeling reflective today, and grateful because I had such a great weekend with friends this weekend.  I had real quality time with old friends who mean the world to me, and new friends who are rock-your-socks-off amazing. 🙂  Ups and downs in life are inevitable, and I feel very lucky that I have friends who are a constant source of balance for me. 

To my besties…you know who you are.  I love and appreciate each of you more than I can ever express.  You guide me, laugh with AND at me, cry with me, grieve with me and celebrate with me…you’re the best. 🙂


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