the 15 things I discovered while on my walk today.

15. Proper shoes are a must. I now have lovely blisters on my feet, and they hurt. I’m going to soak in another hot bath here, in a minute. This should be a given, but my two pair of gym shoes are falling apart, so I wore my boots. Never again.

14. I must purchase a backpack that I can wear ON my back, rather than carrying a satchel type bag. The weight of what I’m carrying needs to be evenly distributed on my back.

13. Being outside makes me happy.

12. I like to sing while I walk, but…it makes breathing hard.

11. I’m so pretty the way I am. Dolores O’Riordan says so. 🙂

10. Music makes walking so enjoyable.

9. I really really REALLY do LOVE to listen to traditional Irish music.

8. Something about hearing bagpipes pulls at my heartstrings, as if I’m being called home.

7. People like to look at me funny when I belly dance down the street.

6. I am a weird, crazy mother fucker. “I like being weird. Weird’s all I’ve got. That and my sweet style!”

5. I’d like to take walks every Saturday.

4. Accomplishing a goal, even one as small as “taking a walk to the library” makes me REALLY REALLY happy, and makes me feel like I’ve actually done something good for myself.

3. I feel amazing.

2. If I focus my energy on something positive when a negative though enters my head, I really CAN overcome those thoughts.

1. My life…is really really amazing. No matter what curve balls are thrown my way, no matter how down I get. My life is amazing.


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