I had a profound thought during my candle-lit yoga practice tonight:

I am strong.

I’ve felt weak for so long. I’ve been dependent on everyone else for everything in my life, or that’s how I’ve felt.

My arms were shaking, and I did not lift my feet off the ground. I was attempting “crane” pose (hands on the floor, knees basically in your armpits, and feet of the ground)…I had a lot of my weight on my hands, which I’m not used to, and which is why I didn’t lift my feet. I knew I wasn’t ready. But the thought occurred to me: I’m strong. I currently have 227 pounds balanced mostly on my hands. I am strong.

When I came out of it, I moved from plank to chaturanga without collapsing. I am strong.

I’ve battled depression for over 15 years. I am strong.

I’ve beat suicidal thoughts: I am strong.

I’ve been through 4 surgeries on my kidneys before I hit 32 years old. I am strong.

I’ve learned to deal with the chronic pain of my kidneys without rushing to the ER right away. I am strong.

I’ve survived a broken heart. I am strong.

I’ve made progress in battling my negativity. I am strong.

I’ve asked for help. I am strong.

I can do anything.

Because I am strong.


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