Inspiration abounds…but I always run out of gas…

I’ve been feeling so inspired the last few days…Its astounding to me what a few days of quiet will do…

I lost my voice from illness a couple days ago, and so I was unable to speak too much for the last two days.

In this time…I was able to do some thinking, and I have SEVERAL plans that I’m really excited about.

First and foremost, a good friend of mine is going to help me to develop a home yoga practice.  I am beyond excited about this.  I always feel better when I’m doing yoga.  It balances me, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  In fact..I’ve just ordered a day planner specifically designed for yogis.  😀 

I really want to make yoga and meditation a part of my daily life again.

A big part of this will come within a month or two.  We have some changes going on in my home, and there will be some room swapping going on.  But what I want to do is open up the room I’m in now (the downstairs room) and make a office/yoga space/meditation nook.  Someplace with doors so that the dogs don’t barge in when I’m trying to balance. 😉 

We’ll see though.  Depends on what the roomies want too. 😀

I’ve got SO much that I wanted to accomplish tonight…but I’m losing steam.  I think its bedtime.  So…more blogging, laundry and so on will have to wait till the weekend…I’m still getting over my cold and I don’t want to over exert myself. 

But…I am happy. 
Blissfully so. 
My life has so much good going on…I wish I could say more, but I just can’t.  Not yet. 


Good night.


Oscillating Wildly…

Its been quite some time since my last blog.

My laptop died on me, and I don’t have much opportunity to get on the desktop these days.

I wanted to check in with you, my beloved readers, and let you know that things are…how shall I put this…


I realize, of course, that this is going to taunt some of you to no end, because I am not going to go into my usual explicit detail of WHY things are so amazing.

Because here is what I’ve realized:
The details don’t matter.

I’m getting healthy, and more importantly, I’m happy.  Really, honest to goodness truly happy…there could be one reason causing my happiness or a million.  One huge life changing event, or ten million small every day occurrances that I’ve learned to appreciate for what they are and what they do.

My emotional quest for balance continues…I still find it hard to control some of my harder emotions from time to time, but…I have a better handle on things, and I’ve eliminated many people from my life that cause undo stress…I’m focusing on spending more time with the people who can build me up and help me. 

Currently, I am drinking a rum based beverage…a nice change from the usual whiskey…I’m listening to good music as I create a mixed cd for a friend, while my roommates are downstairs preparing dinner, and probably awaiting the next mixed drink that I will be fixing…

I could go into grand explicit detail about my happiness.  And perhaps one day I will.  But for now…all that matters to me is that this place in my heart that usually feels so wild and crazy and uncertain feels whole.  I’ve learned so much in the last month about true friendship, trust…everything really….

I feel balanced tonight. 
I feel healthy. 
I have plans, dreams, goals…and a way to achieve them.

So…please…stay with me as I figure out a new laptop situation…I promise to spend more time writing and sharing my discoverys with you…

For now, I remain oscillating wildly between elation and contentedness…