Inspiration abounds…but I always run out of gas…

I’ve been feeling so inspired the last few days…Its astounding to me what a few days of quiet will do…

I lost my voice from illness a couple days ago, and so I was unable to speak too much for the last two days.

In this time…I was able to do some thinking, and I have SEVERAL plans that I’m really excited about.

First and foremost, a good friend of mine is going to help me to develop a home yoga practice.  I am beyond excited about this.  I always feel better when I’m doing yoga.  It balances me, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  In fact..I’ve just ordered a day planner specifically designed for yogis.  😀 

I really want to make yoga and meditation a part of my daily life again.

A big part of this will come within a month or two.  We have some changes going on in my home, and there will be some room swapping going on.  But what I want to do is open up the room I’m in now (the downstairs room) and make a office/yoga space/meditation nook.  Someplace with doors so that the dogs don’t barge in when I’m trying to balance. 😉 

We’ll see though.  Depends on what the roomies want too. 😀

I’ve got SO much that I wanted to accomplish tonight…but I’m losing steam.  I think its bedtime.  So…more blogging, laundry and so on will have to wait till the weekend…I’m still getting over my cold and I don’t want to over exert myself. 

But…I am happy. 
Blissfully so. 
My life has so much good going on…I wish I could say more, but I just can’t.  Not yet. 


Good night.


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