this is the life..

Hello beloved readers.

I have to apologize for my absence.  I’ve thought about writing, and have even scheduled out time to do so, but things, as they often do, tend to come up and take priority.

Today, however, I can’t put off posting any longer.  I have a little bit of free time today to sit at the desktop (I’m still without a laptop.  Gotta save that money…but I’m saving for a trip to Ireland next year) and get some of the awesomeness out.

I’ve been having a wonderful time lately, and I wanted to share.

I have absolutely amazing friends.  Even though my “group” has changed, expanded, evolved, and recently, downsized…nothing changes the fact that every person that I’ve called friend has impacted me, and the person that I am today…whether it be for good, or otherwise.

The thing is, everyone comes into our lives for a reason.  We are responsible for determining what that reason is, whether it is to be lifelong friends, or to point out those behaviors that we NEVER want to have.  Perhaps they are in our lives to be best friends for a short season, and then each party moves on with life, with no ill feelings.  Perhaps they serve to show us how to avoid drama later in life.

In any case…The people that I love…the ones that I choose to continue to call my friends…they are each blessings to me.  YOU are all blessings to me.  You share in my triumphs, my sorrows, and my happiness.  I don’t know where I’d be without each of you.  You show me daily that I really am doing ok…even during my crazy times.  I’m getting the balance I’ve craved for so long because of the support I get from each of you. 
I’m starting to learn how to let go of the negative.
I’m learning to fully trust 100% and not doubt…once you’ve earned my trust, that is.
I’m listening more to my gut when it comes to trusting people…and making the choice to keep things a little closer, a little quieter…not everyone needs to know every last detail of my life.  Although I do expect you all to love all of the pictures of food that I post on instagram.  😀

I’m learning so much about myself…It sounds so funny, but…at 33 years old, I’m finally staring to like who I’ve become, and who I am continuing to become.  I’m pruning behaviors that are inhibiting my health, I’m spending more time thinking of others…

But most importantly, I’m learning to appreciate what I have RIGHT NOW…in the moment. Life is so short.  We have no idea when it will be taken from us, so its important that we learn to trust, love, and LIVE.  Really live! 
I try my hardest not to take advantage of the time that I’ve been given.  I try desperately to fill my life with great music, awesome food, and some of the most amazing people on this planet.

I’m grateful for these lessons, and for whatever is to come next. 

I’ve never been so happy…