Finally, I have a new computer

It’s 10 till 9pm on a Monday night.  I’m sitting in bed blogging on my brand new laptop.
I got it yesterday, and what a deal I got!  Its perfect for me…plenty of hard drive space, fast processor… I’m one happy girl.

This means that I will be posting a lot more often.  I hope to carve out a little time once a week to write. 

Writing is always so helpful to me…it helps me to clear my head when I’m down, and helps me to keep my thoughts straight when I’m happy.


I’m pleased to say that my happy streak has continued this summer.  Life is beautiful, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.  I’m continuing to work towards a healthier lifestyle, eating better, exercising, and so on. I’m spending a lot of quality time with my best friends, and I’m working a lot.


All in all, things couldn’t be better!

That’s about all for now…but now that I have my beautiful new laptop, I intend to write a lot more. 


Good night for now, dear readers. 


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