Happy New Year…Happy New Mina. :)

Oh 2013.

You know, every year, when I write my end of the year blog, I like to think that I’ve learned a lot, and that there will be nothing but goodness in the coming year.


This year, is so different, because I really have changed a lot.


Not changed so much, in the sense that I’m a completely brand new person, or that I’m in a new city, or anything crazy like that…


This year I’m changed in the fact that I can say with 100% honesty that I really love my life. I love who I’ve grown to be this year, and can’t wait to see where the journey of 2014 will take me.


Sure, there are still things that I’d like to change. I want to be more disciplined in my health habits, I want to save more money, I’d like a better job.


But all in all, what I’ve learned from this last year is to treasure the moment that you’re in, because you don’t know how long it will last.


This year, I’ve made many new and amazing friends, some of whom are living halfway across the world. I’ve shared amazing moments of dance, and emotion with some of these new friends.


This year I’ve learned so much more about love than I ever thought possible…love of others and love of myself…I’ve learned that it is a wonderful thing to be loved by people…and I have felt a lot of love from my friends, and family. But even greater is to love others with complete abandon. I’ve learned that in order to really love others, you have to love yourself…really truly love yourself…and while I may still think that I’m overweight, etc, I love who I am becoming inside.


I could not have learned these lessons without the help of some very special friends, old and new. You all know who you are. Even if I don’t get to talk to you or see you as often as I’d like, I hope you all know how much I love you.


This year too, I’ve learned something about forgiveness, of self and of others. Its always been hard for me, and to be honest, I still struggle. But there is something amazing that happens when you look at a person, or look at yourself and you say “I forgive you. Its in the past. Lets move on together and enjoy life.” Its so freeing!!!!


I still hold grudges and get mad. Trust me. 😉 But when I do find the strength and the courage to forgive, its amazing.


I’m tearing up as I think about these things…this year has been incredible.


There has been pain, sorrow, and loss…there always are moments like this in life. But the moments of bliss, joy, love, and wonder have greatly outnumbered the bad.


I have a long way to go in this journey. I count myself as very lucky and very blessed to know that I have a handful of people that I know in my heart will be there with me every step of the way.


To all of you, may your 2014 be filled with love, abundance, forgiveness, grace, and moments that take your breath away.

My goals for this year are simple:


I will love more.

I will give more.

I will spend more time face to face than on facebook.

I will be creative.

I will dance. A lot. Just try to stop me. 😉

I will forgive more.

And most importantly, I will be present more. I will enjoy every day of my life, and even when I’m sick, and whiny, and feeling like I’m going to die, I will remind myself of what a precious gift my life is.   Image