About me…

I am an emotional woman searching her soul for meaning and balance.

From musings, to lyrics, to lists, and goals, thank you for joining me on my journey.

Did you  know I have another blog?  Follow me here for my adventures with food!

I do this for catharsis, and to try to spread a little light to the world.
If you’ve ever felt encouraged by anything I’ve written, if you like my style, or if you just feel like it, would you consider a small donation?

Please don’t feel any pressure. I wanted to have the option available, as a few have asked.

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One thought on “About me…

  1. Was interested to discover that you are a fellow blogger… while this entry was sad and, yes, melancholy… a telescope into someone’s mind is always a fascinating thing. I don’t know you all that well but what I have experienced in you so far is a strong and passionate woman who isn’t afraid to be herself.

    This can be the loneliest place of all.

    However, I have also found that purging my thoughts and putting words to them have helped me find peace and solace. I hope it does the same for you.

    Thanks for sharing.. I look forward to seeing more..

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